- PLAY + Competency and research

This young and dynamic company puts its desire to better the quality of children’s environments at the centre of its daily work through seeking to bring together different languages and forms of know-how.  

- PLAY + and pedagogical research

The PLAY project takes its place in the broader research journey of the Reggio Emilia early childhood centres, with particular emphasis on designing environments inhabited by children.

- PLAY + design

Different designers of different nationalities, given unity by one art direction, offer multiple points of view, use different ways of seeing and different cultures to “listen” to and dialogue with children’s environments and make them richer.    

- PLAY + and polysensoriality

The PLAY+ range of furnishings wishes to introduce new sensorial qualities into children’s environmental landscapes with visual and tactile softness, varied consistencies and rich chromatisms reaching beyond a simplistic red, yellow and blue. This is our contribution towards complex and stimulating environments where children can experience the adventure of growing and forming their personal identities and a tool for exploring new ways of inhabiting spaces.

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