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PLAY+SOFT is a line of soft furnishings that can be used in place of or alongside traditional furnishings, introducing new sensory qualities into the landscape of the environment for young children: softness (tactile and visual); pliability; a variety of consistencies and textures; finishes that are smooth, “rough”, or elastic; and a chromatic landscape that is richer than the simplified red-yellow-blue. We see it as a contribution to making the place where children live the adventure of their growth, development, and identity formation an environment that is complex and stimulating.

The design and art direction of this line are based on the conviction that an environment for children should not be considered merely a “backdrop” to a series of activities, an accessory and secondary element, but, rather, a protagonist in the construction of the identity of each child and each of us, an essential element of the pedagogical project, which it both supports and represents.
The most recent research in neuroscience and the social sciences confirms that our identity is formed by means of a complex and fascinating alchemy of environmental adventures and genetic stories. At birth, the brain and our capacity to perceive and sense reality are not yet defined, but instead represent a bud of possibilities. Depending on our environmental and cultural experiences, we develop certain senses and certain cognitive categories more than others. Depending on the environment in which we live, our brain is formed and develops in a different way.
Children are like a sensory laboratory. They have a synesthetic knowledge in which each sense activates others: they touch light, they see smells, they listen to temperature. Schools and environments for children in general should be places of sensory exploration that foster children’s self-learning. A place that can support and stimulate the individual and different paths of growth and development.

Our desire is that the soft things of PLAY+SOFT contribute to creating environments for children that are multisensory, enjoyable, and beautiful.



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